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Founded in 2016, Paxis LLC, headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, announced the development of the WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) process, with commercialization timing to be announced at a later date. Designed to meet advanced manufacturing needs within the Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing industry, while expandable to non-AM industries, WAV is a completely new, ground-up AM process. Designed without constraints, the new, patented WAV technology is fully scalable in the X, Y, and Z axes and deploys material in a unique way that allows for the production of extremely large parts or larger quantities of smaller parts with as little as 1 liter of material loaded in the machine at any given time. The technology is designed to embrace the use of multiple materials of different viscosities within the same part build. For more information, visit
WAV is a trademark of Paxis LLC.



Elizabeth Goode

Sr. Consultant and Investor Relations, Paxis LLC