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Sartomer, a business line of Arkema, introduces SAR-GEL® BLUE, a new phenolphthalein-free, nontoxic water finding paste. It provides a fast, reliable way to detect phase-separated water in fuel or equipment tanks containing gasoline, gasoline/ethanol blends containing up to 15% ethanol, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, biodiesel and other water-incompatible solvents.

SAR-GEL® BLUE water finding paste works quickly and easily. Users spread a small amount of the paste on the end of a gauge stick and insert the stick into the tank for the recommended amount of time. When it detects water, SAR-GEL® BLUE paste will change from orange to dark blue.


The high contrast color change provides visibility in poor lighting situations. The new formula will not run or fade, so it is easy to see the water line. It works especially well in blended gasoline systems containing up to 15% alcohol.

"If water is present at the bottom of a fuel or equipment tank, it can contaminate product added into the tank and damage the vessel itself. Sartomer is pleased to bring a new CMR-free water finding paste to market, strengthening our commitment to bring more HSE friendly solutions to our customers and partners.”

Ling Li, Global R&D Director, Sartomer


SAR-GEL® BLUE paste is available in one-ounce tubes with Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) barcodes for easy product identification and inventory management.

To learn more about SAR-GEL® BLUE water finding paste or to inquire about online orders, visit


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