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SpeedCure 7010-L

Polymeric thioxanthone in TMPTA
#CAS 1003567-83-6
#CAS 28961-43-5
Product overview
SpeedCure 7010-L is a 40% active liquid polymeric Norrish Type II photoinitiator of the polymeric thioxanthone family. SpeedCure 7010-L provides long wavelength sensitisation of appropriate photoinitiators, depth cure, low odour and low migration when used at 0.1-10 wt% and combined with an amine synergist in UV and LED curable formulations.
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Maxima Absorption Wavelength (nm) 257, 312, 385
Performance Depth Cure, LED, Low Odor, Pigmented Systems
Suggested Applications Flexographic inks, Industrial coatings, Inkjet inks, Offset inks, Screen inks

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