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SpeedCure VLT

#CAS 125051-32-3
Product overview
SpeedCure VLT is a titanocene photoinitiator with absorption maxima at 395 nm and 470 nm. SpeedCure VLT provides high reactivity and depth curing when used at 0.5-5% in UV, LED and visible light curable formulations. SpeedCure VLT also acts as an effective sensitizer for diaryliodonium type cationic photoinitiators and can therefore be used to promote cure of cationic formulations with visible light.
Geographic availability
URL de l'image : VLT.jpg
Maxima Absorption Wavelength (nm) 400, 462
Performance Depth Cure, Low Odor, Low Yellowing, Pigmented Systems, Surface Cure, Visible light curing
Suggested Applications 3D printing, Electronics