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MCURE® 100

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MCURE® 100 is an aromatic acrylate monomer designed to reduce the viscosity of amine cured epoxy coatings without significantly affecting coating hardness and chemical resistance, or significantly reducing reactivity. It also has excellent wetting properties.

MCURE® 201

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MCURE® 201 is an aliphatic acrylate monomer that gives excellent viscosity reduction and light fastness. It also exhibits good cold temperature cure properties.

MCURE® 203

  • Product

MCURE® 203 is an aromatic urethane acrylate designed to improve the flexibility and toughness of epoxy/amine cured coatings. Cured epoxy coatings containing MCURE 203 will have improved elongation properties, moderate tensile strengths, and improved abrasion properties.

MCURE® 300

  • Product

MCURE® 300 is an aliphatic acrylate monomer designed for applications requiring fast cure rate, excellent chemical resistance and good heat distortion properties. MCURE 300 also offers very good cold temperature curing without amine blush.

MCURE® 400

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MCURE® 400 is an aliphatic acrylate monomer that is designed for applications where extremely fast cure rates are required, particularly at cold temperatures. Due to the extremely fast reactivity at room temperatures, pot life is dramatically reduced.